• The Beautiful Octopus Club

    The Beautiful Octopus Club

    Created by Heart n Soul in 1995, The Beautiful Octopus Club is London’s longest running inclusive club night that’s free and open to everyone! It...

  • The Fish Police

    The Fish Police

    The Fish Police are back with a brand new EP ‘Edge Myself to the Middle’. You can listen to it via...

  • Heart n Soul at The Hub

    Heart n Soul at The Hub

    Heart n Soul at The Hub We are delighted to announce that Heart n Soul are the new residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection! The Hub Award provides a...

  • Tilley Milburn

    Tilley Milburn

    Tilley Milburn is a multi-talented artist. Her best friend is Del, a beautiful pink stuffed pig whom she discovered in Clinton Cards in Kent and they always...

  • Lizzie Emeh

    Lizzie Emeh

    Lizzie Emeh is one of Heart n Soul's key artists. She uses music to touch people's lives. On Thursday 28 February, Lizzie will be the special guest at The...

  • Electric Fire

    Electric Fire

    Electric Fire are excited to announce the release of their debut 4 track EP ‘EFX’. Describing their sound as “chain funk” and...

  • Heart n Soul's SoundLab

    Heart n Soul's SoundLab

    SoundLab is one of Heart n Soul’s most important projects. Over the last three years we have explored how digital music making technologies can be used...

  • Too Hot For Candy

    Too Hot For Candy

    Kali, Arthur and Isaac bring you a sound they describe as 'way funky'! Inspired by Prince, Sly and the Family Stone and with big beats and funky drumming,...

  • Pino Frumiento

    Pino Frumiento

    “I feel like we have transformed people’s views and opinions about people with learning disabilities. We’ve shown them 
that there is more...

  • The Big 30

    The Big 30

    The Big 30: Our voice, Our way In 2017 Heart n Soul turned 30 years old and we celebrated with something special... What Is The Big 30? The Big 30 Archive...

  • New artists

    New artists

    At Heart n Soul, we offer a range of opportunities for people to develop their artistic talents. We make spaces where people are free to express themselves and...

  • Our comics

    Our comics

    Heart n Soul comics produced in collaboration with Heart n Soul artists, Do Your Own Thing participants and artist Ben Connors.

  • The Chat Up

    The Chat Up

    The Chat Up is an informal space where guest artists and invited experts can share their passion, inspirations and ideas. There are also performances by Heart...

  • Artist Development

    Artist Development

    We support our artists and participants to develop their skills by identifying new opportunities within Heart n Soul and with external artists and...

  • Embedded


    We are pleased to announce Bobbie-Jane Gardner as the selected Embedded composer to work with Heart n Soul. Embedded is a Sound and Music...

  • Past Projects

    Past Projects

    Heart n Soul has worked on a number of exciting projects across the years... Forest of Deptford Taking Deptford as its inspiration, the Forest of Deptford...