• The Fish Police

    The Fish Police

    The Fish Police are back with a brand new EP ‘Edge Myself to the Middle’. You can listen to it via...

  • Lizzie Emeh

    Lizzie Emeh

    Lizzie Emeh is one of Heart n Soul’s key artists. She uses music to touch people's lives. Lizzie launched her debut album Loud and Proud in October 2009...

  • Heart n Soul's SoundLab

    Heart n Soul's SoundLab

    SoundLab is one of Heart n Soul’s most important projects. Over the last three years we have explored how digital music making technologies can be used...

  • Electric Fire

    Electric Fire

    Electric Fire are a digital band formed from our creative arts project for young people, Do Your Own Thing. Performing their own unique brand of...

  • Too Hot For Candy

    Too Hot For Candy

    Kali, Arthur and Isaac bring you a sound they describe as 'way funky'! Inspired by Prince, Sly and the Family Stone and with big beats and funky drumming,...

  • Beautiful Octopus Club Festival

    Beautiful Octopus Club Festival

    The Beautiful Octopus Club Festival is back! We are so excited to return to the Southbank Centre for our annual festival of...

  • Tilley Milburn

    Tilley Milburn

    Tilley Milburn is a multi-talented artist. Her best friend is Del, a beautiful pink stuffed pig whom she discovered in Clinton Cards in Kent and they always...

  • Heart n Soul Radio

    Heart n Soul Radio

    We are LIVE on Heart n Soul Radio! Heart n Soul Radio is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're featuring old and new Heart n Soul music, plus...

  • Pino Frumiento

    Pino Frumiento

    “I feel like we have transformed people’s views and opinions about people with learning disabilities. We’ve shown them 
that there is more...

  • The Big 30

    The Big 30

    The Big 30: Our voice, Our way In 2017 Heart n Soul turned 30 years old and we celebrated with something special... What Is The Big 30? The Big 30 Archive...

  • New artists

    New artists

    At Heart n Soul, we offer a range of opportunities for people to develop their artistic talents. We make spaces where people are free to express themselves and...

  • Our comics

    Our comics

    Heart n Soul comics produced in collaboration with Heart n Soul artists, Do Your Own Thing participants and artist Ben Connors.

  • The Chat Up

    The Chat Up

    The Chat Up is a new informal space where guest artists and invited experts can share their passion, inspirations and ideas. There are also performances...

  • Artist Development

    Artist Development

    We support our artists and participants to develop their skills by identifying new opportunities within Heart n Soul and with external artists and...

  • Embedded


    We are pleased to announce Bobbie-Jane Gardner as the selected Embedded composer to work with Heart n Soul. Embedded is a Sound and Music...

  • Past Projects

    Past Projects

    Heart n Soul has worked on a number of exciting projects across the years... Forest of Deptford Taking Deptford as its inspiration, the Forest of Deptford...