Past Projects

Heart n Soul has worked on a number of exciting projects across the years...

Forest of Deptford

Taking Deptford as its inspiration, the Forest of Deptford installation brought together a diverse collection of sound and music, imaginary landscapes, animal objects, 3D figures and video to create a magical place. The installation was shown at the Enclave Studios in Deptford in June 2015. See images from the installation here.

The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love was a multi-sensory, multi-media interactive experience that took place from June-September 2014. It was part of the Southbank Centre’s first Festival of Love and paid homage to the naughty fairground rides of yesteryear. The installation featured multi-media art, music, audio and films. For more information about the Tunnel of Love, visit the website here. To see photos from the installation, click here.

Dean Rodney Singers

The Dean Rodney Singers, was a project specially commissioned for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The project featured seventy-two band members made up of musicians, singers and dancers from seven countries across the world. Working together online, the global band created twenty-three original songs and videos using cutting edge web technology. The installation at the Royal Festival Hall took place between 31 August and 9 September 2012 and gave the audience a chance to explore the music and videos made. Visit the website here.

Heart n Soul films


The film tells the story of Heart n Soul artist Dele Fakoya’s alter-ego, a 21st century Robo-man called Desmond who comes to the rescue of a man suffering an epileptic fit at a nightclub. Watch it here.


The story is centred around Geraldine Tracey and her life with her novelty cat Twinkletoes. The film won the First Person Narrative Award at the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival in 2010. Watch it here.

Celebrity Shotgun

This was Heart n Soul's first feature film made in 2007 and tells the story of cheating husband Tom Harry's final fate at the hands of the two women in his life – his wife and his new secretary. The film was featured in many film festivals around the world. Watch it here.