The Big 30

The Big 30: Our voice, Our way

In 2017 Heart n Soul turned 30 years old and we celebrated with something special...

What Is The Big 30?

The Big 30 Archive celebrates 30 years of award-winning creative arts company Heart n Soul. As part of the celebrations, people with and without learning disabilities have been recorded talking about their lives, creating a record of learning disability culture. They also had their portraits taken with photographer Franklyn Rodgers.

What's the aim of The Big 30 Archive?

It is the first of its kind where people with learning disabilities talk about their lives in their own way. It gives everyone the opportunity to see, discover and hear previously hidden stories that are part of history. It explores how disabled and non-disabled people can be and work together. The archive also helps to build a wider picture of the different communities and the on-going social changes happening in South-East London.

How will we share the archive?

We want to share the archive as widely as possible. You can interact with The Big 30 Archive in a number of ways:

* Portraits and clips of all the interviews from The Big 30 Archive can be seen and heard on The Big 30 website here.

* Throughout summer and autumn 2017 we displayed parts of the archive around our local neighbourhoods of Deptford and Lewisham.

* We also shared The Big 30 stories through music concerts and club nights where our artists, DJs and the Heart n Soul Choir performed. Find out about The Big 30 events that happened here!

More Information 

Visit our Big 30 website.
Phone: 020 8694 1632
Twitter: @HeartnSoulArt
Facebook: @HeartnSoulArt
The Big 30 Archive is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.