The Fish Police

The Fish Police are back with a brand new EP ‘Edge Myself to the Middle’. You can listen to it via their websiteBandcampiTunes or Spotify!

'Edge Myself to the Middle' sees Dean taking on a slightly bigger role in terms of bringing musical ideas to the table. The new songs deal with cactus plants and why you shouldn't climb them, the fact that cars just keep on coming and coming and why Helicopter isn't wearing any shoes. 

The Independent described the first single ‘Cactus’ as: “Joyful in its simplicity, a funk guitar line, glitching synth and 808 drums sitting under frontman Dean Rodney Jr.'s matter-of-fact, resolute vocals suffused with positivity.”  Read the full review and listen to the track here.

The band launched the EP at South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas and have a busy summer of gigs lined up, visit their website for updates! 

In 2013, the band released their first album, The Marzipan Transformations and in 2014 they embarked on their first UK tour, playing in seven cities and towns across the UK. They have also performed at some of the world’s most iconic venues including New York’s Lincoln Center, London’s Tate Modern and The Royal Festival Hall.

The Fish Police are made up of Dean Rodney Jr. (singer, rapper, songwriter), Matthew Howe (guitar), Charles Stuart (bass, co-songwriter and background vocals) and Andrew Mclean (drums). Outside of The Fish Police, Charles & Andrew also perform with Grace Jones as part of her live band.

To keep up to date with what’s happening at The Fish Police HQ visit their website or follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.