Heart n Soul Radio

We are LIVE on Heart n Soul Radio!

As part of our Big 30 Summer Takeover Heart n Soul Radio is live! We’ll be broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the whole of July. We're featuring old and new Heart n Soul music, PLUS special live shows from Heart n Soul artists, participants and staff.

You can listen via the radio player on the homepage of this website – just hit play!

Here's our schedule of shows for this week. Check back for a fresh new schedule next week...


Thursday 20 July

12 - 1pm - Kimberley and Outi - LIVE! 

4 - 5pm - Evie and Lauren's Good Times Show - LIVE!

8pm - 9pm - Tilley and Andrew 

9pm - 10pm - Alexi (repeat)

10pm - 10.10pm - Dean TV Love 

10.10pm - 10.20pm - Puffing and Wooling with Tilley and Del 


Friday 21 July

6pm - 7pm - Big 30 Highlights

7pm - 8pm - Kimberley and Outi (repeat)

8pm - 9pm - Evie and Lauren's Good Times Show (repeat)

9pm - 10pm - Lizzie and Ono (repeat)

10pm - 10.10pm - Dean TV Love 

10.10pm - 10.20pm - Puffing and Wooling with Tilley and Del


Heart n Soul Radio is a new project that gives you the chance to go behind the scenes and hear more from our artists, participants and special guests. We currently have two great podcasts for you to enjoy: 


The Awesome Recorders

From rap battles to hot drink habits, Ariel, Alicia, Shades and Robin share the wonderful world of Heart n Soul's Do Your Own Thing in the Awesome Recorders show. Featuring music, interviews and stories from Do Your Own Thing participants. Listen online here

The new episode of the Awesome Recorders show is up. This time we're discussing some important questions including, why doesn't Pingu want to live in the UK? Who is Storm Doris? And how do bees sneeze? Listen here!

The Chatterbox

Tune into The Chatterbox, where we chatter to the heart of the matter! Lilly, Tilley, Peter, Shalim and Del the piggie present stories, music and chat all based around a chosen theme. Featuring everything from Confuscius to stories of pigs in space, nothing's off limits! Listen online here